V E T S                             

                           (Vets Encouraging Talented Students )

We thank our troops, past and present, for preserving our liberties with your sacrifices; including engaging battle, leaving the homefront, interrupting your lifestyles - indeed, your very lives - that the talented students you encourage can strive to be as purposefully productive as your example has taught them. We offer a particular, posthumous "thank you" to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in our behalf.

Our  STOOTS for Boots mission is to motivate American students to be as great in class as you have been, and continue to be, wherever you are engaged. If they can perform with your class in class, they can become as respected outside of class as you are respected around the world.


Please join our Academic Patriotism  movement by:

  1. appearing on our Saturday afternoon radio program with our students;

  2. visiting American high school events with us; and/or

  3. allowing us to feature your encouragement to students in our newsletter (STOOTSLetter)'

Please contact: Carl R. Boyd  stootsforboots@gmail.com 347-478-6687


Thank you.

One thing will ABSOLUTELY unify our

nation: helping  American students

get an excellent education!


   Our STOOTS for Boots Consulting Presentations (speeches,

 lectures, workshops, seminars), FOR TROOPS,  are under the title:

                    ACADEMIC PATRIOTISM

Engage Carl Boyd, at your school at your base;

to speak at your conference, or Worship Place.

    stootsforboots@gmail.com 347-4STOOTS