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             STOOTS For Boots presents:

                     "Wave Your Grades" 

    Presentations and Internet Radio "Broadcast"

         "Wave Your Grades"  C P R:

C - Calendar: Every morning - including weekends, and all Summer long - a message is sent from STOOTS for Boots to American Students (Example: "You cannot look into a hero's eyes, and be a student who never tries").
As all captions were created, and copyrighted, by our Founder, you have license (we are hopeful that you'll find it expedient) to use as you please.

P - Presentations: STOOTS for Boots Founder, Carl R. Boyd, is a Midwest Hall of Fame educator who has worked with schools across the United States on "How To Teach The Hard To Reach." His messages to students, educators and military personnel resonate, clearly, as he talks about students' obligation to honor military heroes with academic excellence.

R - Radio: The "Wave Your Grades", Saturday afternoon (1:00 until 2:00 p.m.) radio program - dedicated to, and featuring, American students and veterans - can be accessed, via www., an Internet station, housed at one of the nation's premier, after-school, academic learning centers: the  W.E.B. DuBois Learning Center in urban Kansas City.
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