STOOTS For Boots presents: "Wave Your Grades"
    Parade and Internet Radio "Broadcast"
           "Wave Your Grades"  C P R:
C - Calendar: Every morning - including
      weekends, and all Summer long - a
      message is sent from STOOTS for Boots
      to American Students (Example: "You
      cannot look in a hero's eyes, and be a
      student who never tries.").As all captions
      were created, and copyrighted, by our
      Founder, you have license (we are hopeful             that you'll find it expedient) to use as you
P - Parade: STOOTS for Boots cannot thank the
     Kansas City Public Schools' Central High
     School, nearly, enough for consenting to
     host our 1st Annual "Wave Your Grades",
     End-of-the-school-year Parade in April, 2020.
     All schools are invited to march, step, ride,
     etc., as they "wave" displays of this year's
     accomplishments. Proud veterans will view
     banners, floats, marching units, and more,
     as American students proclaim, "This A's for
R - Radio: The "Wave Your Grades", Saturday
     afternoon (1:00 until 2:00 p.m.) radio pro-
     gram - dedicated to, and featuring, American
     students and veterans - can be accessed, via
     www., an Internet station, housed
     at one of the nation's premier, after-school,
     academic learning centers: the  W.E.B. DuBois
     Learning Center in urban Kansas City.
     The program can, also, be accessed, live, by        clicking host, Carl Boyd's, likeness on  this
     site's Home Page.