Carl R. Boyd is a civilian Mid-American Hall of Fame  educator with 50-plus years of experience. His appeal to all American civilians to "do our part" is based upon honoring his three, older, brothers:  Herbert, a Marine, Gene, an Airman, and, David, a Soldier, AND ALL service personnel."

The STOOTS for Boots 501( c )3 nonprofit  academic patriotism organizACTION is founded upon the principle that those who fight for us should have a homecoming that is peaceful and productive; and, those who have not worn the uniform should be - MUST be - accountable in assuring that the productivity be assured in the caliber of students responsible for our future. We believe that our youth are capable. We (adult civilians and veterans) have the resources our children need to be safe and successful in America's schools.


        Please join our Academic Patriotism  movement by: 

  1. identifying serious students to appear on our Saturday radio program to inform our veteran guests of their (the students') seriousness and accomplishments;

  2. providing venues for veterans to encourage our youth to be excellent, through youth-serving organizations and educational activities; and,

  3. engaging  presentations outlining the Academic Patriotism philosophy, curriculum and  interactions. Consulting services - lectures, assemblies, workshops, seminars - are paid for by your organization.  STOOTS for Boots is a nonprofit, 501( c )3 tax exempt, organization.


Whatever one's political orientation, we are united around Patriotic Education!



STOOTS for Boots definition of Patriotism:

Making the country you live in a better country TWO live in!

Our STOOTS for Boots Consulting Presentations

(speeches, lectures, workshops, seminars)

for CIVILIANS are under the title:


Defining Academic Patriotism -

and, Why American Students Need U.S. All!


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