Even opposing adult Americans will agree to unify

when serious American students are the reason why.  


American students are the reason American adults work, teach and fight from the home to the school to battlefields around the world. Adults preserve our freedoms, protecting the greatest experiment of multicultural unity in the world. STUDENTS preserve our future, projecting even greater unity, as an example for the world. 


American students, please embrace the, "Their Boots, Our Books", slogan as you pledge (see top of page) to take school seriously ("Because of your sacrifice to defend our nation, I am serious about my education.").

Our STOOTS for Boots Consulting Presentations (speeches,

lectures, workshops, seminars) for  PATS - Parents,

Administrators, Teachers, Students -  are under the titles:

Parents:  Let No Parent, Parent Alone;

Administrators: The Twelve (12), Research-Based,

                        Principles of Patriotic Pedagogy;

Teachers:  The Fifth (5th) Front Campaign - Appreciating

the Importance of American Educators; and

Students: "Wave Your Grades" - More Than A Parade!

        Please join our Academic Patriotism movement by:

1. (STUDENTS): signing our "Certificate of Commitment" ("Because of your...");

2. (All): appearing on our Saturday radio program with veterans);, and,

3. (Administrators): engaging STOOTS for Boots consulting services (Please

remember, we are a nonprofit, 501( c )3, tax exempt, academic patriotism,

organization - payments to STOOTS for Boots.)

                            THANK YOU. 

347-478-6687 (347-4STOOTS)

816-469-9925 (cell)